Atreio Marcucci

Andrea "Atreio" Marcucci is multi-instrumentalist, composer and teacher. Since 1997 he dedicates mainly to the Stick, and we see alongside of the main representatives of this instrument already in the Meeting "Enjoystick" of 2012, as well as in the "Stick Camp" of Mallorca in September 2015 alongside Emmett Chapman, the inventor of Stick, and other friends as Guillermo Cides, Yannick Lepetit, Youenn Landreau and other exceptional pioneers.

In 2014 he founded the "Stick Center Italy", at the didactic music center "Rockland" of Grosseto.

The Stick is a revolutionary stringed instrument, created in the mid-70s by the genius of Emmett Chapman, California: on a essential and futuristic design handle, there are two sections of specular strings (5+5 / 6+6) where the hands can express themselves freely with the technique known as "Two-handed tapping".

We can say that the Stick is a fusion of guitar and piano that Atreio defines: "The Stick is a musical cosmic vector that communicates directly with the stars and flows physically through the main energy centers of its performer, giving back to the same, and especially to listeners, the true harmony of the universe".

Uses JAM 400