Fabrizio Piazzini

Born and bred in southern Switzerland (Bellinzona) during college he joined a band and soon developed an interest in making things sound nice and clear… and loud! So he picked up working for a regional PA rental company (K-Sound).

A few years later moved to London where he started working for leading Pa company Britannia Row (first shifting boxes and cleaning cables and all that very glamorous side of the industry).

Later on Fabrizio started gigging as assistant engineer/babysitter and then landed the Kula Shaker gig. Consequently worked with many artist including VV Brown, Amy Winehouse, Kano, Gorillaz, Cassette Kids, Patrick Wolf, Tindersticks, Jake Emlyn and Amy MacDonald.

Fabrizio is also Waves Live product specialist,

Fabrizio has been looking after Calvin Harris FOH sound for the past 3 years, a mastering gig on a huge scale! "I Love the fact I tune the PA for a specific song instead of a song for a PA!"

Fabrizio uses: DYN, Basik and M-AG6 picups