Francesco Penolazzi

Since '79 Francesco is in the world of professional-level performance as a sound engineer beginning with The Orchestra Raoul Casadei where he worked for about two years.

Since '82 he started a collaboration lasted about 20 years with Lem Professional Division specializing as monitor engineer in shooting sound for live TV to the main national networks RAI and Mediaset as well as shooting and audio broadcasting of many musical genres, from rock to classic, from orchestras to opera, from musical theater performances to television studios.

He has contributed to the sound automation for Gardaland amusement park attractions "Egypt" and "The Jungle". In 1999, he left Lem Professional Division and started collaborating with other realities of the sector by increasing the supply of technical solutions.

Since 2007 he is sound engineer of the TV show "Crozza in Wonderland" for LA7

In 2009 he worked with Hollywood Service Company in transfoming the Piazza del Duomo stairs in a realistic giant piano.

In 2010 he joined Maestranze Artistiche to give technical support and qualified audio/lights to show agencies as well as rental and theater companies.

From 2014 he began a technical collaboration with the American group Nile Rodgers & Chic holding shows around the world and with AMY company Contract for the construction of sound and LED lighting systems placed in public areas.

He recently worked for "Rockin' 1000" where 1,000 musicians played in the biggest rock band never seen in the world, the video has been viewed over 25 million times on YouTube.

Francesco Penolazzi uses the DYN-UNI-P48 for bowed instruments amplification in  both Live and studio sessions. (up to 50 elements).

"Schertler is definetly a part of the Pro Audio world. Using the Dyn helps you getting the detail of the orchestra a lot of definition. A tip to other sound operators: spend more time during and after applications of the pickup in order to need less time in managing the signal."