Francesco Passarelli

Francesco Passarelli was born in August of 1956 he lives in Villa Adriana (Rome)

Francesco work currently as a journalist, teacher, audio counsellor and sound engineer (live and in the studio).

He Worked with Enzo Pietropali & Eleonora Bianchini, Oona Rea 4tet with Danilo Rea "guest", Umberto Fiorentino and Fabio Zeppetella, John De Leo Grande Abarasse, Orchestra Ada Montellanico 4tet with Enrico Zanisi, Ermanno Baron, Peter Ciancaglini, Roots Magic, Susanna Sitvali "Tribute to Nina Simone," Play Green 4tet, Catherine Palaces "Sudoku killer", Frances Alina Ascione, Carla Marcotulli. Rita Marcotulli, Nguyen Le and Braphu Eduard

Audio Counsellor for: Stefano Bollani, Rita Marcotulli, NoteNoire, Lorenzo Pagliei, Michele Rabbia, Antonio Caggiano, Edison Studio

He oversaw the orchestra for the Christmas Concert of Amedeo Minghi and in August for Katia Ricciarelli.

Francesco for his recording studio 3rd ear lab devoted mainly to contemporary classical, jazz and the song writing has chosen Arthur, DYN transducers, Schertler Yellow preamps and amps (Schertler & SR Technology)

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