Esther Fluckiger

Creative ideas of Esther Flückiger are endless, constantly trying new roads and exciting musical adventures, avoiding paths already known. She is dedicated to the interpretation of contemporary music and traditional, improvisation, electronic music and plays both as a soloist and in ensembles with various stylistic addresses. Her concerts in Europe, America, Russia, Asia and South America, with appearances in the festival of traditional and contemporary music, see her as a soloist and also with the orchestra.
She has created numerous media projects, with her films (camera and editing), has recorded numerous CDs (New Era, Pentaphon, Altrisuoni, Leorecords etc.) and participated in radio and television broadcasts. She is the founder of Suonodonne Italy. It was just published by Iaia Gagliani a volume entitled "About She: Esther Flückiger".

Her new project interdisciplinary COSMO which is staged at the Teatro Parenti in Milan is part of the initiatives in the context of EXPO 2015.

Uses DYN-P-P48