Bojan Zulfikarpasic

Bojan Z was born in Belgrade in 1968 in a family where music is at home and where they frequently spend entire afternoons and nights to play all together.
He started playing the piano at age 5 and in this "homey atmosphere" listen and learn to play popular songs and traditional music from the Balkans until when, thanks to his teachers, he discovers the great classical composers like Bach, Ravel and Debussy. And not only that, even the Beatles, thanks to a friend and brazilian music so beloved by his father.
Adolescent, while continuing his musical studies classics, began playing in various rock bands and jazz, a significant success that led him to win the award for best young jazz musician of Yugoslavia.

In 1986 he win a scholarship of three months with Clare Fischer at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan in the United States and then, in the 1988 moves to Paris where, in a short time get some notoriety in the world of French jazz. He teaches at the CIM, school of reference for many young musicians of the city and meets other artists, including guitarist No?l Akchoté with which he performs (as a duo and quintet) in the Parisian clubs, where he have the opportunity to play with Julien Lourau , Magic Malik and others.

The big opportunity came when, in '90, he's called to replace the pianist in the quartet of bassist Buronfosse, with Fran?ois Merville on drums and Julien Lourau sax.

He also plays with bassist Henri Texier in his Azur Quartet until 1993 when he records for Label Bleu his first album with the quartet that bears his name Bojan Z Quartet.

The years that follow are of reflection from which comes his most appreciated and celebrated "Solobsession" and is a constant evolution of new collaborations, new record works, new awards and participation in the most important international festivals that confirm him as one of the protagonists of contemporary jazz scene.

Uses A Dyn Set discontinued and replaced by DYN-UNI-P48