Massimo Lamponi

Massimo Lamponi, the "Massimo of liscio", was born in 1976 in Macerata from a family of lovers of folklore and traditional music of the Marche.

Grandparents, Renzo Mercuri and Federico Lamponi, have been two untiring and popular players of Ripanello (Renzo) and Organetto (Federico). In 1988 the father, accordionist, with the support of grandparents and grandmother Elvira, singer of Saltarello, buys an organetto for Massimo in the hope to pass also to him the family passion.

Massimo attends some lessons and gets involved so much that after a few months already participates in events and competitions.
In 1989 begin the first evenings in pairs with Gianluca, one of his friends, which however, after a short period, leaves Max alone in facing what would become his professional career.

In addition to the collaborations, the recording productions and the gigs Massimo also carries out the teaching of this wonderful instrument of the Italian regional tradition.

Uses Digit Three 6000