Vincenzo Zitello

Surely the first popularizer of the Celtic harp in Italy and among the first in Europe Vincenzo Zitello starts very young studying music, playing the flute, viola and violin.

At only 18 in 1974, he joined as a violist in the group led by Franco Battiato "Il Telaio Magnetico"; Since 1977 dedicated to the study of classical harp and later the Celtic harp, an instrument that he love and to whom he dedicates the following three years until 1980, when he meets Alan Stivell with whom he study the bardic harp, British and Gaelic singing.

Numerous collaborations, both live and in the studio with the greatest exponents of Italian music and not. Besides the already mentioned Battiato also collaborates with: Alice, Rossana Casale, Lou Dalfin, Ivano Fossati, Franco Mussida, Claudio Rocchi, Mario Arcari, Armando Corsi, Pooh, Federico Sanesi, Alan Stivell, Dominiq Bouchaud, Daniele Bigego, Dino Betty Van der Noot, A Ramos, Yoyo Mundi, Stephen James ... just to name a few.

Intense the record activity with the publication of 9 albums, the latest of which is "Infinito" published in 2014.

Uses DYN H now discontinued and replaced by DYN-H-P48