B.C. Bogey

German-born B.C. Bogey is the VOICE IN THE ATTIC. He is an award winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and classically trained singer whose live performances have been hailed as an archetypal world of precise sonic imagery. To fulfill his artistic vision, B.C. has teamed up with Grammy-winning musicians and sound engineers from Europe and the USA, but remains involved in every decision that needs to be made, from recording through mastering audio tracks and shooting video clips.

He says: The more we spend our time tied to computers, the more I am drawn toward the analogue and the acoustic, to creating a musical event with objects made of wood and metal. Playing an acoustic instrument through a great-sounding amplifier is so fulfilling—the sound that you make resonates in every fibre of your body. Stephan Schertler and his team have always been true to that vision of (re)creating ‘natural’ acoustic music. Schertler products give you immense satisfaction—they sound fantastic, of course, but also look great and feel great. Plus, they are sturdy and reliable. What more can you ask for?

B.C. Bogey uses JAMM-AG6
Pic: vonthee.de by Stefano Fonte