Dean Ray

Dean Ray grew up in tiny Meandarra QLD, with both parents performing and
touring on the country music circuit Dean says he was born into it. Dean
travelled Australia sleeping in guitar cases while they packed up their
gear to travel to the next beer soaked venue. “Travelling with musicians
you pick up a thing or two” says Dean. At age 6 he was keen to learn
drums, and with guitar lessons underway at 13 he began to write songs. He
was recruited into his parents’ band but at 16 years of age left his
family home to move to Melbourne and follow his musical dream.

Dean has worked hard at his craft, writing, touring and honing his
talents. He has performed countless headline shows, touring both
nationally and internationally since making waves in the public eye back
in 2014. His debut single “Coming Back” hit No. 1 on the iTunes Singles
Chart with Platinum status, and his self titled album achieved Gold

Dean's second album, "The Messenger" is OUT NOW. It includes his recent
single "The Winnings" and new single "Call It A Day". Download today via
the website store and all good digital outlets or stream on Spotify.

Dean uses JAM 100