Luca Francioso

?I know well my limitations, but I never put any to my dreams?. (L. F.)

Luca Francioso, guitarrist, composer and writer, was born in Reggio Calabria (in the South of Italy) on 19 May, 1976. He began studying classic guitar in 1987 with Giuseppe Alati.

He approached the fingerstyle tecnique in 1996 and perfected it in 1997 with Franco Morone, a guitar player. He started writing his first short stories in 1991. His work includes over 40 productions: albums, show NOTES TOLD in Italy, Spain, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the United States. He holds concerts in very different venues: auditoriums, theatres, on top of mountains, at people’s home. He even opens the door to his own home twice a year. He also likes performing at buskers’ festivals.

He has shared the stage with numerous international artists and has participated in the most important Italian guitar festivals. He lives and works in the province of Padua, where he performs in concerts, teaches guitar and has an intense music and literary production.


Luca uses the JAM