Alessandro Formenti

ALESSANDRO FORMENTI, approached the study of modern singing in 1997; in 2006 he enrolled for the Lizard Academy in Fiesole where he graduated "cum laude" in 2008 specializing in Singing Rock, Hard-Rock and Heavy-Metal; in 2009 began an intense teaching activity in several locations of the Academy Lizard (Fontanetto Po, Cream, Misano di Gera d'Adda and Romano di Lombardia). As from 2014 is teacher of Modern Singing, Singing Rock, Vocal Technique and Vocal Coach at M.A.S. (Music, Arts & Show) in Milan. He worked as a vocal coach, among others, with Lodovica Comello (Disney), Arianna Costantin (Disney), Franz (Ale and Franz), Pico Rama, Charles Kablan (The Voice Italy), Muriel Boom, Eeris, Luka Chikovani and Felipe Conceicao (Youtube). He performs primarily as a "One-Man-Band" and, as a vocalist, he worked with Enrico Ruggeri, Stef Burns, Maurizio Solieri, Luca Colombo, Pico Rama; He worked as a live performer for Unionsound agencies and Jam for Live.

Plays JAM.