Jack Fields

Jack Fields is a guitarist specializing in traditional Americana and Swing music. He is a master in the styles of Allan Ruess, Freddie Green and Carter style guitar. He is the vocalist and guitarist for his new Americana project, “Rich Holler,” as well as filling the rhythm guitar seat with the “George Cole Quintette,” and “Hot Club Pacific.”

In addition to his own projects, Jack’s mastery of Swing and Americana styles has made him a first call sideman for many years. Jack has performed in concert with Country Star Ginny Mitchell, Western Swing Hall of Famer Patty Maxine, George Cole, Jazz Legend Larry Coryell ,Bruce Forman , Howard Alden , Mimi Fox , Andreas ?berg, Stephane Wrembel, Nokie Edwards (The Ventures) and many others. He has recorded with producers Bill Cutler (Jerry Garcia) and John Cuniberti (Grateful Dead, Dead Kennedys, Joe Satriani….).

Jack’s playing can most recently be heard on "The George Cole Quintette's" "Riverside Drive" record. That CD has recently charted #4 on the CMJ Jazz radio adds chart, and is presently available through retail outlets as well as iTunes. He has also recorded with Bruce Forman.

In addition to performing at prestigious events like Djangofest, The Monterey Dixieland Festival the Tapestry Festival, and The Grammy's, he has appeared in the feature film, "The Sorcerer," the television documentary "Django Forever," and countless live radio broadcasts. He has appeared in "Just Jazz Guitar," magazine, and has written for "Jazz Me News," the magazine for NPR's weekly "Riverwalk Jazz" radio program.

Jack favors vintage Gibson and Martin guitars. While having a very large collection of vintage Gibson and Fender amplifiers, for the last 10 years, he has used Schertler amplifiers and pickups for studio and live work.

“I have owned and played everything under the sun. I have found the acoustic fidelity, quality and intuitive interface of Schertler products to be beyond compare. My Schertler Unico has grown with me from playing in small coffeehouses, to large concert venues. It has withstood the rigors of touring, and studio work. No other amplification system I have used has offered the flexibility, portability and reliability that Schertler has.” Jack Fields

Jack uses: Schertler UNICO, Active DI, DYN-G, Basik and PRE-A III