Marcus Cahill

When Marcus Cahill takes to the stage he performs full of pure devotion and admiration for his idol John Lennon. Marcus brings to life the experience of listening to and watching John Lennon perform live again. Marcus re-creates breath-takingly, musically spectacular live renditions of all the timeless albums recorded by The Beatles and John Lennon.
Marcus does not see himself as a look-a-like, but rather a sound-a-like, with that being said he has to be one of, if not the best John Lennon and Beatle imitators in the world. Marcus Cahill is known for blockbuster stage shows, musicals, musical documentary films, tv theme tunes, movie soundtracks.

He played in various countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Georgia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, Australia.

"My first experience with Schertler was one of complete amazement and joy, the quality of the guitar was truly outstanding, every note up and down the entire board was precise and pitch perfect, every chord rang thru no matter where you were on the neck, Stephan and his amazing team have achieved sheer perfection with their instruments. And not to mention the split pickup system installed in their guitars using pickups that actually capture the true sound of the instrument and the graphic EQ enables you to play with a full spectrum of tonality choice.....simply put a dream to play and a must have for any serious guitar player."

Marcus uses Schertler Guitars and DUAL-OB