Riky Anelli

Riky "The Ring" Anelli, guitarist from Bergamo, Italy. Born in 1981, has always been a songwriter.
He took his first musical steps in the music from a very early age, performing at different venues. In 2000, at age 19 he won the Academy of San Remo (San Remo youth), first among 1400 participants. In 2004, he performed as musician and one man band of the transmission "The Alien" on Italia Uno and author of the theme song. In the same year he began the session activities as a multi-instrumentalist (vocalist, guitarist, bassist, pianist) and arranger. The number of concerts intensifies, a ion of covers accompanies the new songs

Between a concert and another, Richard studies at the Music Academy of Treviglio. Since 2005 he is a teacher of singing and guitar. He now continues along the road as a songwriter, with his acoustic guitar along with TheGoodSamaritans.