Raffaello Indri

Currently guitarist for Elvenking, Frankenstein Rooster, Harduo Raffaello Indri played also in different bands with different music genres (Burnin' Dolls, Garden Wall, Rain, East Cargo, Deja, After Globuli).
Always active experimenter, he loves to contaminate the genre Hard Rock - Metal with new elements from Classical, Jazz and Ethnic music.
After studying classical guitars he graduates with honors in electric guitar at the prestigious Lizard Accademy in Fiesole where he teaches now.

He played in many important national/internation festivals America, Russia, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Israel, England, Slovakia, Spain and published several albums.
For several years he has been working with the magazine "Chitarre" as a events reviewer and writer for the educational sections “Heavy Me(n)tal” e “Metal Bag”.

He takes care since 2006 of the "Guitar X-Perience" concert for guitar players organization.

"The combination M-AG6 and S-MIC is the best way to keep my acoustic guitar characteristics intact. The sound remains perfectly clear and well balanced on the whole instrument extension, giving you sound depth and harmonics richness for each note.
The new JAM is an exceptional amplifier with all features in order to improve the acoustic guitar sound; useful in any situation (live or studio), this is a product that is unique in its kind. Simply essential for any guitarists looking for an uncompromising vibrant tone."

Uses M-AG6, S-MIC, JAM