Nicola Cipriani

Nicola Cipriani, musician, guitarist, arranger and teacher, was born in Verona in 1989. Degree in Popular Music at Middlesex University MA in 2000, he has played on tour in Chile, US, England, France, Egypt, Slovenia and Switzerland, as well as throughout Italy, alongside the Swiss pop star Paul Weller (with whom he shares the stages, kilometers and records for 6 years), guitarist and songwriter Brad Myrick, the blues band John Papa Boogie and his recording project BestOff, as well as countless live and studio collaborations as sideman.

"The Jam 150 is the amplifier that I have chosen for my acoustic performances.
The love I have for years for the dynamic and acoustic instruments led me to study, experiment and work harder in this direction. Both as a collaborator and with my art projects, which is a classical guitar or acoustic, amplified with different systems, from the magnetic pick up to contact sensors on the case, Jam has become my irreplaceable standard on stage. As personal monitor on stage, as DI, as control of different acoustic instruments with different volumes to be handled in the same concert, Jam 150 is the common denominator, is my amp. "  Nicola Cipriani

Plays JAM 150