Pipo Romero

Pipo Romero (Cadiz, 1983) is an eclectic guitarist and multi-instrumentalist.

In 2002 he moved to Madrid to complete his studies in electric guitar and modern music, and begins to develop an important career as a session guitarist and doing work of conducing, producing and arrangements for various bands and artists of Spanish pop-rock as El Canto del Loco, Nena, Lagarto Amarillo, El sue?o de Morfeo, Andrés Suarez and many others.

His musical interests led him to investigate the various styles of traditional and popular music of Spain, USA, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal. But it is when he discovers the music of Tommy Emmanuel when all his efforts are focused on studying the details and nuances of the acoustic guitar, and it is when he begins to develop his acoustic solo career, combining all the musical influences acquired during their years of study and research in what will be his first solo album, released in early October 2015. "Folklorico" is an album that can not be typecast in any style, unlabeled music, and in which he unleashes his passion for classical guitar, country, folk and of course, flamenco, paying a fitting tribute to his homeland.

Pipo is destined to be a reference in the acoustic fingerstyle genre, where a modern style guitarist enters the territory of the classical guitar, folk, flamenco, country and the most popular and traditional world music.

About GIULIA he says: "Schertler's are the most natural and balanced amps
I've ever listened to. The Giulia is a fundamental part of my rig, both as
amplification for small gigs or as monitors, it always responds with
maximum reliability and quality.”