Scott Booth

Scott is 21 years old and has a degree at the British Institute in Modern Music in Brighton.

Scott had a few guitar lessons at school when he was 11 but stopped before he was 13. When he was 15, he picked up his guitar again after seeing Newton Faulkner on Youtube. His biggest influences are John Butler and Newton Faulkner.

Scott Booth's Edgy & complex acoustic guitar fingerpicking and drum tapping style builds a swirling blend of trance and trip-hop-esque instrumentals.

Scott Booth About the products he uses: "My style of guitar playing requires flexibility and a balanced sound along the frequency range. As a percussive/fingerstyle guitarist, the combination of Schertler’s Dual System, Magnetico and S-mic give me exactly what I need for live performances and studio recording sessions. The dual system forms a crystal clear foundation for my acoustic tone. Heavy strumming and delicate fingerpicking is accurately picked up, while body resonation and percussive hits cover all spectrums from deep bassy hits to rimshot-like slaps. Introducing the Magnetico pick up into the mix, allows me to add a fuller and warmer sound. Bass frequencies can be pushed in order to fill out low string resonation, while allowing me to add any pedal/effect that an electric guitar could use without causing feedback. The S-Mic takes this set up and brings it to another level, offering the most precise and accurate guitar sound I’ve ever heard from a guitar pickup. While I use it less in live performing circumstances, external microphones are no longer needed during recording sessions, as this produces lifelike dynamics across the frequency range, matching that of external condenser microphones. This combination of pickups have set me up for effortless tone manipulation and a great performing sound."