Carolyn Breuer's Shoot the Piano player!"


The Jazz saxophone player Carolyn Breuer is striking a new path with “Shoot The Piano Player” by leaving her old ways of traditional Jazz, with a piano as the sole harmony instrument, behind. In the last couple of years she became more and more interested in Blues, Rock and Folk, which led to finding a new sound. “I was bored with my CD collection and was hoping to find inspiration in my boy friend‘s collection”. After discovering Steve Earle, she wrote the song “Wintered”, which appeared on her last CD and found herself on a journey back into her own past. “ The acoustic guitars reminded me of the seventies and my childhood and the zeitgeist of those days, the anti-authoritarian education and all the communities I grew up in. The political discussions and all this music, heaps of music of all directions. I can vividly remember the larger-than-life Jimi Hendrix poster in our apartment. In my later life I was so focused on Jazz that I kind of forgot all these different sounds.” So the idea was born to record a whole new album with acoustic guitars to unchain herself from the comfortable, but limited situation of a classic Jazz quartett. That‘s where the pun “Shoot The Piano Player” comes from: “The guitars gave me the freedom and possibility to play songs I couldn‘t have played with a piano-dominated quartett.” Despite the jazzy chord progressions, the rhythm guitar is mostly playing a folky finger- picking style, arranged and performed by Christian Sudendorf who also transcribed “Wintered” for guitar.

Carolyn breuer's "Shot the piano player!" guitars are using the Schertler DAVID Deluxe

About the David Deluxe she says:"The DAVID DELUXE  enables us to realise our vision of our unconventional jazz-project. Now we can reach dynamic climaxes without losing the fingerpicking guitar." 

photography by Shinya Fukumori