Hussein Hasanefendic

Hussein Hasanefendic, known as Hus was born in Banja Luka in Bosnia-Herzegovina and immediately after birth he moved with his family in Zagreb where he studied music and ending higher education. In the early '70 he began his professional musical adventure when, as an author and performer is one of the founders of the band "Grupa 220", a group born from the merger of two previous bands, the Ehos and Morning Star. When the group broke up in 1975, Hus and Jurica Padjen with Vladimir Mihaljek Miho, founding the band "Parni Valijak".

The band joins bassist Zlatko Miksic Fuma, founder of the "Golden Chords", the singer Aki Rahimovski from the macedonian "Tor" and, on drums Srecko Antonioli, coming from "Delfinima". Very soon the band became popular in the ex Yugoslavia. They record several albums, some of which reach the ambitious goals of gold and platinum albums.

In the period between the 80s and 90s Hus produces many successful groups among them, Animatora, Azre, Stidljive Ljubicice, Cacadou Looka, Haustora, Patrole, Plavog orkestra, Leteceg odreda and Drugih.

Hus remains with Parni Valijak until its dissolution in 2005, which officially takes place Dec. 20th in the packed hall of Zagreb Doma Sportova with a farewell concert for the commemoration of the 30 years of the band. The group meets in 2009 and resumes the tours in the region of ex Yugoslavia