Jose Torres

The Spanish guitarist and composer Jose Torres graduated by the Conservatory of Cordoba and has attended courses with Manolo Sanlúcar, Tomatito and Pat Metheny.
Jose has composed music for Javier Latorre, Rosario Toledo or Pilar Albarracín. He recorded the solo guitar for the main theme of "Arrieritos Company’s 13 Roses" and in "Andalucia Flamenco Chill first volume".
José  has performed with Carmen Linares, Carles Benavent, Isabel Bayón  among others and has performed on stages of more than 30 countries: France, Holland, Qatar, Lebanon, Morocco…
Jose directed in 2012 his first video dance entitled Café Cantante starring Pastora Galván. In the same year he won the second prize in the Injuve Young Creation awards 2012.
Jose has been playing his original compositions with the Finnish drummer Karo Sampela and the Spanish violist Jasio Velasco since 2007 as José Torres Trío. They published a CD in 2013 with Carmen Linares as a guest artist  (JOS? TORRES TRIO - YOUKALI MUSIC 2013)

About Schertler say:
"The Schertler Dyn-G P-48 gives me a pure mic-like sound without almost none feedback problems. The Schertler Giulia Wood sounds very natural, it's powerful for its weight and has a perfect finish. With both products I've ended with feedback and monitoring problems on stage."