Timo Brauwers

At 9 years old Timo Brauwers discovers the guitar and after a few years actively participate in various musical projects. Spurred by the desire to gain a greater understanding of the instrument and the music he enrolled in university courses of "Hogeschool Arnhem for de Kunsten", focusing on the study of harmony and Jazz.
In 2000 he discovered the acoustic guitar (that will not leave more), and it is immediately fascinated by its enormous expressive potential. In 2009 he met Franco Morone that helps him in the realization of his first demo CD which will be followed by a real CD titled "On my way" produced by Sony Music.
Since 2011, Timo Brauwers organizes the "Viersener Gitarrentage", a guitar festival of three days during which the best guitarists around the world gather for performances and workshops.
In 2014 he founds his own label “ACOUSTIC DELITE” together with Andreas Lehnen, Achim and Bernd Buschmann with the purpose of promoting promising artists with a local or regional background, helping with the production of CD and with the organization of live events.
In 2014 he released his second CD "Journey To The Unknown"; Despite the acoustic guitar is always the focus of his musical life Timo also performs collaborations for events in rock and metal. he also performs a constant teaching activity, this because he loves to share its experience with those young guitarists who represent the future and will be the next generation of talents.

Living without music? Unimaginable for Timo Brauwers!