Marco Pinna

Guitarist, active on the US scene based in Nashville Marco Pinna has developed a unique language in the guitar scene classified by some as ethnic jazz.
He began his career in Sardinia then moved at a young age to Vienna in Austria. Back in Italy, in Milan, he worked with director Giorgio Strehler at the Piccolo Teatro in the work Faust.
After this experience, he moved to the US where, in a very short time, attracts on himself the attention of the public and experts for its unique style made of virtuosity and melody Latin-Mediterranean.
In 2014 he released his first CD made in Usa "Amigus" with the collaboration of musicians of absolute value. The drummer Chester Thompson, bassist Sean O'Bryan Smith and keyboardist Kenny Zarider.
The release party was held in 2014 at Douglas Corner of Nashville in collaboration with guitarist Neil Zaza has been called one of the best shows of the year.

Also in 2014 he was appointed ambassador of culture in the world.

Uses JAM 150 - Lydia EQ