Eduard Jimmy Matesic

Eduard Jimmy Mate?i? borns in 1952 and is one of the most important blues guitarists in the region of ex Yugoslavia. Mate?i? began his musical career in 1970, playing in local bands in his hometown, Zadar (Zara). Later he moves to Zagreb where he plays in the group "Peta Rijeka", as hacking band of Darko Domjan, in the band "Izazov" and as session musician in the studio for the most important pop/rock bands of the region. In 1982, together with Drazen Vrdoljak and Davor Roddick founds the "Plava Trava Zaborava", band still active today. In addition to the "Plava Trava" and stable partecipation in other groups (Rhythm & Blues Resistance, Hopeless Romantic, Jimmy Matesic Blues Band), Jimmy brings forward his solo project and the collaborations with the best musicians in the region, among which we mention Joska Banov, Josip Cvitanovi? and Toni Eterovic with which he performs at various festivals, concerts and TV shows.

He says:
"This Schertler combination gave me the best sound I've ever had! After having tried everything in my life ... I'm really impressed!"

Uses M-AG6 - JAM 150