Takashi Peterson

Professional guitarist and composer in a wide variety of music, from acoustic to electric ensembles.Takashi was born in Kyoto, Japan, to a Japanese mother and an American father. From an early age he immersed himself in the world of music, and he began his professional career by performing as a Blues guitarist in the United States at the age of 16.
Traveling has always been a way of life for Takashi, and he has gathered significant influences around the globe. After graduating from Swiss Jazz School, he has continued to perform internationally with numerous groups. Recognition includes the "Berlin Jazz and Blues Award 2005". Never tired of learning and expanding his repertoire, he collaborates with many talented musicians in a variety of genres across cultures.
Master classes by: Frank Mantooth, Pat Metheney, Peter Bernstein, Adam Holzman, Jerry Bergonzi, Michael Brecker, Billy Cobham, Jorge Pardo, ?ngel Sànchez Cepillo, Anton Jimenez, Jose Manuel Leon, Gerardo Nu?ez and many more.
He has performed with great artists such as Buddy Guy, Johnny Lang, Dawson Braden, Charlie and The Nightcats, John Paul and the Hellhounds, Joanna O'Conner, Corey Harris, Arthur Conley, Adam Holzman, Jorge Pardo, Maria Mezcle, Abdeljalil Kodssi, Helmut Eisel, Raquel Villegas, Iman Das, Apratim Majumdar and Amit Chatterjee, just to name a few.
Tours and performances have taken Takashi to Japan, the U.S.A, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Lichtenstein, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Morocco and Zimbabwe.


About David Deluxe he says

I've been performing with the new David Deluxe for 3 months now and must say, respect!  They are simply incredible, and has all the addition to the Classic I missed.  I've used Unico (Classic) since 2004, and with the Deluxe series, Schertler made a gigantic leap in innovation and overall quality.  The main feature I really appreciate is the Gain/Channel Volume/Master Volume, this addition makes it possible to get the most juicy sound out of my microphone (Neumann KM184 with a hybrid flamenco guitar).   As well as Low Mid EQ, this is exactly the problematic frequency for nylon string/acoustic guitar.  I have a feeling, with the Deluxe version the EQs are highly sensitive and react at very small adjustment, this flexibility/useability has amazed me at every concert.  Phase button also solved difficult situations on stage in one shot. Resonance knob also a superb addition.  Reverb was always what gave Schertler amps a quality edge, but you guys took this to a different league all on its on, what a sound.

All in all, an amazing work of art.  I couldn't be happier with an amp.  I do DI Out directly to mix console, and the mixer hardly ever has to touch anything because the sound is already full and rich, nicely balanced and gives exactly that, what my guitar produces.