Damir Imamovic

Guitarist, singer and author, Damir Imamovic was born in 1978 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and shows early his interest in music. However, he will approach the guitar many years later, at the conclusion of his studies of philosophy.

His attention is focused on the music and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular is interested in the tradition Sevdah and Sevdalinka, typical form sung born in the Ottoman period and still very popular today, especially in the cities. Melodie very slow, melancholy and rich harmonies, a combination of Eastern, European and Sephardic elements.
The main instrument in the old sevdalinka was the saz (a type of eastern mandolin) today replaced by the violin and especially the accordion.

He formed several bands, played all over Europe and has recorded several CDs, including two solo. Damir founded in 2012, with bassist Ivan Mihajlovic and percussionist Nenad Kovacic, the "Damir Imamovic Sevdah Takht", his band most famous and most successful.

The "Sevdah" of Damir Imamovic is based on a constant search and passionate about traditional music. Meet regularly Sevdah teachers, musicians, singers and authors of this art form helping him to expand the repertoire but also to develop its own particular and original form of contemporary Sevdah.

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