RafQu, Raffaele Quarta, born in 1985 in Puglia, in the province of Brindisi.
Son of art grows in a home where music and instruments are daily bread, and in 1996 approaches the guitar and learns the first chords.
At age 12 he moves with his family to Monaco of Bavaria, where he continues to study the guitar and in 2002 begins to become familiar with the stage playing on the rock scene of Monaco.

In 2007 returns to Italy, start to work with local artists and with various formations, both live and in the studio. Meanwhile approaching to the acoustic guitar and begins to deepen fingerstyle technique and he composes songs inspired by artists like Craig D'andrea, Andy Mckee, Jimmy Wahlsteen and other heroes of the acoustic guitar.

In 2012, after several experiences, he decide to devote himself to what is definitely become his true passion, the acoustic guitar. He records "Gioele's Dreams" and others songs composed over the years and, in 2013, he published "Homeless", (his first cd) for the label Fingerpicking.net

From 2013 begins to be nationally known, he plays in numerous events and festivals and participates as "opening act" for the tour of his friend, italian singer Massimo Donno, for which lends the guitar in the song called "Foot steps".

In 2014 participates to the Acoustic Guitar Meeting, where he shares the stage with big names of Italian acoustic guitar and during which receives the news that it is classified, the only italian to reach the final, ranked fourth in the category Acoustic Guitar Competition in the "SIX STRING THEORY COMPETITION", the guitar contest organized by Lee Ritenour.

In November 2014 RafQu realizes his dream and makes the jump with a new song entitled "Base Jump", recorded for the prestigious american label Candy Rat Records.