Anna Murphy

Anna Murphy is a Swiss/Irish singer, hurdy-gurdist and sound engineer. She is mostly known for her work in Eluveitie in which she does the clean vocals and plays hurdy-gurdy. 
At the young age of 25, the daughter of Swiss and Irish opera singers has already toured the world several times over, releasing several albums and playing hundreds of shows in more than 35 countries with Eluveitie. She has also toured with her recently released solo album "Cellar Darling" supporting Anneke Van Giersbergen.



About YELLOW SINGLE she says:

The Yellow Single preamp is the latest addition to my hurdy-gurdy live setup and it was the missing piece of the puzzle to create the optimum live sound together with my new electronic Accento hurdy-gurdy by Sebastian Hilsmann. The sound is now naturally warm, but without losing it's assertiveness which often happens when using "regular" EQs.

A happy hurdy, is a happy gurdy.