Daniel Waples

Daniel Waples is a world-travelling musician born to London on the first day of 1984. He took his first Hand Pan during the year 2007 at the age of 23 and since then he has been living the life of an independent musician, free to express himself, travel as he pleases, play with who ever he wishes & releasing music on his own terms.

He is regularly travelling internationally to give performances and collaborate on projects and as a result, has become one of the world’s most travelled Hand Pan players and can claim the title first 'endorsed' player that this new league of instrument has produced.

The “Hand Pan” being a tonal percussive instrument, was originally made in Switzerland. It is constructed by from two hemispheres of steel and resembles a UFO.

There is nothing inside of a Hand Pan except air, it is played by striking the central dome and surrounding tone fields with fingers or thumbs.

Daniel is self taught and regarded as one of the leaders of this new art form. The sound created when he plays is both innovative and
mysterious. It is this mystery that he looks to shed light on, raising the awareness through thousands of live performances, interviews, online social media platforms and videos (to date, his videos have amassed well over 30 Million views collectively on YouTube – June 2015)

Waples has given talks at TED events in London, India, The Netherlands, France and The USA and has introduced Hand Pan to numerous countries, which had not seen the likes of such an instrument before.

He is now working very closely with the instrument makers to develop the instrument further and essentially, to deliver these wonderful inventions to Through Music and performance Waples - like many artists - expresses himself most articulately. The result is that his work is always keenly felt and evokes a connection to spirit and self. There are no wasted moments. 

Uses A DYN now discontinued and replaced by DYN-UNI - GIULIA