Basem Darwisch

Born in Egypt, started in the age of 12 to play music – Oud and Guitar. 
During studying German linguistics, Germanistik, at Ain Shams University, he studied classic music at the Arabic music academy in Cairo. He represented the University in different festivals and won a prize for The Best Oud Player in 1985 and 1986.
He is known for his jazz harmonies, Arabo Nubian melodies and traditional rhythms plus his subtle improvisation. He is one of the most recommended Egyptian music experts in Europe with his long experience as an oud soloist and as a music consultant for televisions, movies and dramas. Darwisch moved to Germany in 1990 to study Egyptology and ethnology at the University of Heidelberg. During his studies in Germany, he became famous in world music and on the jazz scene. Later he established the band Cairo Steps together with the famous German pianist Matthias Frey.
He worked with Günter Grass the German Nobel prize winner in Literature - and with David Orlowsky - Trio Echo prize holder in Opera Frankfurt - Germany. He was chosen by the Austrian conductor Huber to co-operate with the German WDR Choir to perform at Cairo Opera House.
Basem was a member of the Egyptian folklore musicians D'u Nil, Rayes Mitq?l El-Qinaw? 1990 and the Nubian/Sudanese band Salamat with Salma, Abdel Rad? then later Nubian Star with Mohamed Mounir, the Egyptian band Rahalah with Hussam Shakir and Sharkiat with the Grammy winner Fathy Salama.
He worked as a Consultant and a music expert for the German music software company STEINBERG/wizoo for the production of the VST program Darbuka. 'Lothar Krell - Mohamed Zaki / Suat Borazan)
He has also worked as a music consultant for the Arabic News TV channel Al Jazeera 2004