Rajhesh Vaidhya

Rajhesh Vaidhya is an artist born in India, grew up in a context strongly characterized by music and has inherited his talent from his father Sri.KM Vaidyanathan. Another landmark in the life of Rajhesh Vaidhya was the master Shri Chitti Babu under whose protection Rajhesh has learned the most refined techniques related to Veena, an instrument of the Indian tradition.

Except for his technique Rajhesh stands out in the use of Veena also for use, not so common, of electronics and amplification. He composes a lot for theater performances, soundtracks and works with numerous national and international artists, including: Vidyasagar, Harris Jeyaraj, Bharadwaj, Deva, Deviprasad, Gvprakash, with contemporary dance troupe of "Bejart Ballet" and Elton John.
Rajhesh in 2001 was awarded the title of "Shree Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Aasthana Vidwan" and in 2011 the prestigious title"Kalaimamani".

Uses YELLOW BLENDER - DYN E now discontinued and replaced by DYN-UNI