Karin Nakagawa

Karin Nakagawa fully expresses the spirit and soul of Japan and diffuses it around the world through his koto and her traditional singing.

Raised in a family of musicians Karin is appreciated by many musicians for its versatility and the innate disposition to improvisation. Collaborates with artists both Eastern and Western in all fields and styles, from traditional music to jazz to contemporary. His collaborations see her working also with actors, dancers and artists in the field of visual art.

Its roots are in the ancient music of the songs of Japan, in traditional themes related to the wind, rain and farming activities. During her university education, Karin studied the traditional 13-string koto with Maestro Keiko Nosaka, in the styles of Shamisen, Singing and Jiuta, but now has become one of the few true experts of the instrument at 25 strings.

She has performed in over 20 countries worldwide and has produced and directed many shows, many of which are directly sponsored by the Japanese government, such as in Sweden in 2000, in Africa in 2007 and those across the South East Asia in 2010 where she had full responsibility for the project.

Today Karin continues her collaborations with artists from around the world and an intense concert activity, especially in Europe and Japan.

Uses DAVID DELUXE - A DYN now discontinued and replaced by DYN-UNI