Paolo Tofani

Precursor of the experimentation in Italy and protagonist of the rock scene and of the avant-garde music of the 70's Paolo Tofani begins his artistic career as many young people of the period and approaching the guitar by himself.
Almost at once began playing in dance clubs of Tuscany with several bands including I Samurai, a group of fairly successful that introduce him in the world of professionals.

Always with Samurai goes in England for three months tour and discovers the music of Chet Atkins and the fingerpicking technique from which remains fascinated. On his return to Italy left the band to become a part of I Califfi, a rock-blues band with which he takes part in the events Un Disco per l'Estate, Cantagiro and Festivalbar.

Marries a british woman, Rowena, and despite the favorable period decides to leave Italy to return to England because he feels oppressive the italian musical situation. For two years he lives writing music and plays regularly at the Greyhound Pub where he meets Muff Winwood, brother of the famous Steve, through which it comes into contact with the most famous artists of the british music panorama.

In the same period he began his experimentation in search (an attitude that will not abandon him most) of new sonorities and begins his interest in electronic music and in those strange objects that were beginning to circulate in the musical ambient, the synths.
In 1973 returns to Italy and, by the manager of the P.F.M. becomes part of the "Area" a progressive band with Demetrio Stratos, Giulio Capiozzo, Patrizio Fariselli and Ares Tavolazzi.
All the rest is... history.

Uses Lydia EQ custom - DYN G now discontinued and replaced by DYN-G-P48