Cornelius Thiem

The cellist Cornelius Thiem acts in music as variously as musical genres can be. Numberless cooperations with solo-artists and bands testify to the creative variety, of how Cornelius can put his instrument into the distinct musical context needed. Frequently asked Cornelius Thiem is cellist for touring as well as studio productions. Therefor he also acts as arranger and composer.

Prior to his studies at the Academy for music and dance, Cologne Cornelius began to reach out for new musical challenges for himself and his instrument.

One constant field of musical expression is the work with the Royal Street Orchestra – a collective of 9 musician combining different roots (meaning musically as well as the diverse backgrounds of its members) in order to show, how diversity can melt together to create new and strong connections The Royal Street Orchestra was honored in 2016 with the RUTH worldmusic-award of the famous Rudolstadt-festival (in coop with MDR/ARD)

Cornelius uses the YellowBlender

Statement: "The yellow blender from Schertler acts as the centerpiece of my Sound processing. Gives me the possibility to mix the pickup and the microphone together so that I have an ideal setup to find the optimal cello sound. The preamp delivers a clear, honest and powerful sound. There are two separately adjustable 4-band EQs as well as further tools (low-cut in the PU-way and Notch filter in the micro-path). A feature that I find ideal is the additional effect loop that allows me to insert effects into the signal chain and add it separately to the original signal. All in all: Exactly what I was looking for !! A great device!" ;