Luca Sisera

For a good 15 years, Luca Sisera has been a sought-after bassist in the Swiss jazz and improvisation scene. Musically, he likes to operate in the charged environment between composition and improvisation. He is frequently seen on stage at various festivals and jazz clubs across Europe in over 100 concerts each year, whereby some tours and concerts have already taken him to Russia, Egypt, China and America. To date, he has been involved in over 30 audio releases. Most recently, Luca Sisera has also started working as a composer for his own quintet “Luca Sisera ROOFER”. As interdisciplinary projects have always interested him, Luca Sisera has also worked with authors, actors, dancers and visual artists, among others, as well as on theatre and film productions.

Uses Lafaro Amplifier, Yellow Blender Preamp, STAT B Pickup

Video Links: 
Luca Sisera ROOFER - Live Trailer
Luca Sisera ROOFER - Live Gig on ARTE TV
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