David Pich茅

Born in Montreal (QC), David Piché starts studying violin at the age of 8 in an intensive music program given in Laval city. He finishes this program in high school winning the Lorraine-Vaillancourt award.

David starts having interest in rock and jazz and to play other style of music. Wanting to play the big repertoire and to continue perfecting his technique. David obtained his bachelor degree in violin music performance from McGill University in the class of Denise Lupien (2010).
After that, he starts his master degree at the Montreal University with professor Laurence Kayaleh.

In 2011, David becomes the violinist for Odysseo, a new creation from Cirque Cavalia, where music is written by composer et guitarist Michel Cusson.He tours USA, Canada and Mexico, playing over 450 performances.

Starting from 2013, David joined the show Varekai by Cirque du Soleil. ( music composed by Violaine Corradi) In this show, David is the soloist. Playing the violin and the electric violin, he has the chance to improvise and use his crossover musical knowledge in this production. Over the years, David became a gear savy and explorer. He has the goal to put the electric violin effect to a new dimension.
To this day, David performed over a thousand show with Varekai. Travelling North America, Europe, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Aside from that, David has multiple musical projects. He his the co-founder of the group String Puppies. A group that mix violin and bass to cover and original music.

If you want to know more about David’s discography and show schedule.
Go visit his website: www.davidpiche.com