Rabea Bollmann

As a cellist and singer, Rabea has been moving for a long time Bands and constellations. In addition to her classical studies she did in 2008 At the Hanover University of Music, Theater and Media Band projects and first experiences as a studiocellist in Such as folk, pop, rock and R'n'B. Combining these influences Rabea now uses this experience in her own songs.

In 2015 Rabea completed the "Eventim Popkurs" in Hamburg and got there her band members Elin Bell (keys, voc) and Fabian Huch (drums, git, voc) Who have enriched their music with creative arrangements since 2016. The voice and the cello form are the basics of their music made riche with some Electronic elements. The contrast between Natural and synthetic sounds makes the songs of Rabea to to be very Particularly since those sound worlds are brought together, and they could not be more different than they are.

In addition to her own music, Rabea is still a cellist and singer in Other projects. Her current band projects include: "Linda Rum" (www.lindarum.com) and "Leaves & Trees" (Www.leavesandtrees.com). Without frills and with a beautiful bow. Rabea.


Rasbea Uses the STAT-C and the Giulia Y with her Cello


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