Olga Kholodnaya

Olga Kholodnaya is a Russian violinist, composer, arranger and producer. Born in Cheboksary,the capital of Chuvashia ex-Soviet Union, Olga Kholodnaya started studying the violin with the age of five. Kholodnaya studied since the age of 12 classical music at the Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium München with Marcus Wolf and Jakob Gilman.
Olga Kholodnaya took part and attended various violin competitions, young talent festivals, Zakhar Bron masterclasses worldwide and played in youth orchestras like Bavarian Philharmonie, Junge Münchener Philharmoniker. She made Funk, Electro, House, Hiphop, Rock recordings since the age of 15. She started playing in the street with 14 and performed with self formed classical trio, quartet, solo . She traveled all around the world playing her music in the streets. The fusion of her experiences with classical music, electro, hip hop funk and street performance resulted in the formation of the band Olga Show with Marino Colina on drums.

“I wanted to be able to play a Stradivarius Violin using my fx pedals setup that I am using for Olga Show . Schertler gives me that freedom because of the simple and fast assembly through the bridge and no contact of the pickup to the instrument itself. This is very important for valuable instruments. There is no risk to damage the instrument, because of using a pickup, like with other pickups. Thanks to STAT V I achieve the best sound quality that one can imagine and an absolute freedom of performance.“

Olga uses STAT-V