Peter Goomroyan

Peter Goomroyan is a budding jazz violinist and a performer. He started his violin studies at the age of 3 at the Nevada School of the Art. At the age of 16 he discovered his interest and passion for jazz. Since then jazz has been become his main focus and love. Peter is currently a student at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada in Jazz Studies and Performance. He has performed in several jazz festivals such as the Monterey Next Gen Jazz Festival and the Reno Jazz Festival with Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Jazz Ensembles. Peter’s mentors and teachers include Christian Howes, Jason Anick , Patrick Clark and Mary Straub. Peter performs in both classical and jazz circles. He is the proud owner of Schertler sound system. (DAVID Amp, and STAT V set) This sound system allows Peter to get an incredible tone quality as close as possible to an acoustic violin sound. Peter is looking forward to growing and performing as a jazz violinist with the help of his great sound system, Many thanks to the Schertler company for their outstanding products that enhance acoustic instrument sound.