Didier Lockwood

Born in Calais, where he studied classical violin and composition at the conservatory, he soon starts to have interests in rock and roll and, in 1972 he leaves his classical studies to form a progressive rock band called Magma with his brother Francis who plays piano.

The two brothers play together for three years until Didier discover the fascinating improvisation of Jean-Luc Ponty in Frank Zappa's "Kink Kong Album" while his music is influenced by Stéphane Grappelli with whom he goes on tour.

He worked with a canadian fusion band Uzeb with their album Absolutely Live.

Didier Lockwood is very well known for its tendency to explore new musical contexts and for versatility in reproducing various types of sounds with his amplified violin.

During all these years he toured and played with many musicians such as Allan Holdsworth, Billy Cobham, Jack Bruce, David Sancious, Martin Taylor, Dave Weckl, Tom Kennedy, Mike Stern and many others

In 2001 he founded a school for improvisation with stringed instruments (Didier Lockwood Music Center).

Uses: STAT-V

 Photo Credits: Guy Schneider