Ola Kvernberg

Ola Kvernberg (born 1981) is a norwegian composer and violinist. Although known to most audiences as a jazz musician, his works in recent years include numerous albums, award-winning movie scores and live projects spanning multiple genres, appearing both as leader and sideman. His primary projects include The Mechanical Fair, Steamdome, Ola Kvernberg Trio and Liarbird. In addition, he regularily appears with artists/bands like Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Joshua Redman, Gammalgrass, Grand General and Kristoffer Lo.

"After a tedious search for a satisfactory pickup for use in louder environments, I finally found my Schertler Stat-V in 2003, and have used it ever since, both on violin, viola and bass violin. At this point the Stat-V is crucial to my sound, and the response of the pickup itself has enabled me to use a lighter touch with the bow, adding versatility to the rhythmic and accents of my playing. And for really loud settings, the fact that the Stat-V is virtually feedback-proof comes in really handy."


Ola Kvernberg plays STAT-V