Sebastiano Pa霉-Lessi

Sebastiano Paù-Lessi, in art Sebalter, plays violin, guitar and sings. He studied law in Zurich, Rotterdam and Cairo becoming a lawyer in 2013. For ten years he played violin for the folk Swiss band Vad Vuc and, in 2012, after 4 albums and more than 300 concerts with the band decides to pursue a solo career. With the song "Hunter of Stars" he represented Switzerland at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest gaining the 13th place (best placing for a Swiss artist since 1991) and achieving a large popularity with the public: 6th place in the Swiss and Polish charts, 77th in Germany, 84th in England and placings in thirty other countries. On January 9th 2015 he came out with his first album “Day of Glory” that reached 9th place on the Swiss hitparade. He played several concerts, which took him around Europe (Germany, England, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Malta).


Uses: A-DYN (discountinued and replaced by DYN-UNI) and JAM 100