Mauro Carpi

Mauro Carpi (Diego Maurizio Carpitella) was born in Erice in 1969. In 1977, on advice of Bruno Martino and Luciano Fineschi, began studying piano and then violin in Conservatory. After graduation he perfects, in Florence, with Maestro Andrea Cappelletti. Since the '90s, holds numerous concerts, participates in specialization courses held by Edith Picht Axenfeld and win first prizes in several national competitions of chamber music.
Contextually his passion for music "poor" led him to the study of jazz, first with G. Mazzarino, then with S. Bonafede. In '97 he joined the band of the famous jazz musician Lino Patruno, with whom he performs in prestigious festivals, jazz festivals and theater performances.
In 2003 Mauro founds an original trio of strings called Acoustic Swing Trio with Michele Ariodante and Giorgio Rosciglione and in 2004, at an awards ceremony, met Maestro Roberto Pregadio, who invites him to be part of his jazz band and then give him, in 2005, the role of first violin in the orchestra of the TV show "La Corrida", where he will play for 4 editions.
In 2005 he started working with music Renzo Arbore and in 2006 he worked in the film directed by and starring Franco Nero, "Forever Blues", taking care of the soundtracks along with Lino Patruno. The film will win the prize "David di Donatello" for original song written by Lino Patruno and played on violin by Mauro.
Numerous collaborations with other major celebrities including, among others: Pino Insegno, Enrico Montesano, Arisa, Giorgio Tirabassi, Toby Lightman, Clive Riche, Dan Barrett, Dick Sudhalter, Franco Cerri, Gerry Scotti, Gigi Proietti, Giorgio Bracardi, Luciano De Crescenzo, Marco Tamburini, Marisa Laurito, Michael Supnick, Minnie Minoprio, Oscar Klein, Patrick Artero, Pippo Baudo, Roberto Gatto, Romano Mussolini, Spiegle Willcox, Tom Baker, Tullio De Piscopo.

Currently, in addition to continue his collaborations live and studio, is professor of jazz violin at the Conservatory of Music "V. Bellini "of Palermo.

Uses JAM 150 - JAM 400 - STAT-V-ROAD - A-DYN SET now discontinued and replaced by DYN-UNI-P48