Tom Gray

Tom Gray was born February 1, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois and is a bluegrass musician universally considered one of the best bass players of the genre. He is probably best known for his collaboration with The Country Gentlemen and The Seldom Scene. In 1996, as a member of The Country Gentlemen, was inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor.

He says about Velvet:

I love my Velvet strings!  They give me a fat, warm sound, great for bluegrass.  They are very consistent in tone and volume across all four strings.  They are easy on my hands, which is important to me.
Shortly after I started using Velvet strings, I had occasion to play with the great banjoist, Earl Scruggs.  When we started rehearsing he said to me "That is a great sounding bass".
I used to use Golden Spiral? tynex-wound-on-gut strings which were only good for the 2 high strings, the G and D.  The lower 2 gut strings, the A and E sounded too thumpy, so I tried to find some half-dead steel A and E to go with the G and D gut, which was only partially successful.  To me all steel strings were too hard on the hands because of their high tension.  They also had a tinny boing in their tone which I wanted to avoid.  I like them to go BOOM not BOING. For great tone and ease of playing, I endorse Velvet Garbo Strings.

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