Antonio Quintino

Antonio Quintino was born in 1988 and at age 16 approaches the electric bass under the guidance of teachers Gustavo Roriz and Francesco Valente. After a year passes on acoustic bass and he decides to enroll at the Higher School of Music in Lisbon, where he starts to studying bass.

During this time has the opportunity to study with many musicians, including Pedro Moreira, Nelson Cascais, Afonso Pais and Bernardo Moreira, John Taylor, Lee Konitz, Dan Weiss and Ohad Talmor.

Specializes at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris and later in New York, where he moves to study with Matt Penman, Joe Martin, Ian froming and Ben Street.

During this period he met and collaborates with many artists, including: Fred Hersch, Billy Hart, Larry Grenadier, Anders Jormin, Riccardo Del Fra and Dre Pallemaerts, Nuno Alan, and Demian Cabaud, Danilo Perez, Mulgrew Miller, Steve Nelson, Adam Cruz, Antonio Hart, Ulysses Owens, Rodney Green and Kengo Nakamura.

Currently, in addition to his personal project (recently he released his first album Prologue) Quintino collaborates on many projects, both in Europe and in the United States, live and in the studio.

Among the most significant collaborations we mention: LA New Mainstream (with trombonist German Lars Arens), Joel Silva Geyser, Paula Sousa Quartet, Trio Daniel Bernardes, Gon?alo Pratas and Canta Galo Gordo, Amélia Muge & Michaels Lukovikas Periplus, Amelia com versos de Amália, Joana Amendoeira, Janita Salomé, Pedro Esteves, José Salgueiro, José Peixoto, the Hot Club Jazz Orchestra, Ana Cláudia, Mila Dores, O Martim, Maria Jo?o, Scott Reeves, Dan Weiss, Ohad Talmor, Mário Laginha, John Ellis, Jo?o Paulo Esteves da Silva, Andre Santos Gianni Gagliardi, Manuel Paulo, Nancy Vieira, Christian Pabst, Franck Amsallem, Afonso Pais, Jo?o Moreira, Desidério Lázaro, Luís Figueiredo, Luís Madureira and Fernando Alvim.

António Quintino says about Dyn-B: "At last, a practical and versatile pickup That Has The punch, much needed for live music, so well balanced with the true acoustic sound of the instrument. The search may stop now!"

Uses Dyn B now discontinued and replaced by DYN-B-P48 - Anima Set