Giovanni Sanguineti

Double bass player from Genova, Giovanni Sanguineti starts very soon approaching the study of electric bass with Maestro Michele Migone and specializes, subsequently, in double bass with Aldo Zunino.

Very active on the national and international jazz scene collaborating with many artists including: Benny Golson, Charles Bowen, Horace Parlan, Mike Stern, Loomis Green, Jesse Davis, Ben Raily, Kenny Barron, Gary Bartz, George Robert, Bobby Dhoram, Garrison Fewell, Carol Sudhalter, Lee Brown, Carl Anderson, Shawnn Monteiro, Dado Moroni, Renato Sellani Gianni Basso, Sandro Gibellini, Bruno Marini, Mauro Grossi, Antonello Vannucchi, Luigi Tessarollo, Claudio Chiara.

About Velvet he say: "The Velvet strings are those that have allowed to me and my instrument to play really together! The Garbo model allows me to create the sound of the years 50/60... my sound.
Thank You Velvet!"

Uses Garbo SetLafaro and DYN-B-SET


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