Domenico Santaniello

Domenico Santaniello moves its first steps into the world of music by learning self-taught guitar and later the electric bass under the guide of Maestro Franco Cantelmo.
In 1992 he graduated in bass at the Conservatory of Music "D. Cimarosa" of Avellino, in 2004 in Jazz Music at the Conservatory "B. Marcello" in Venice and finally, in 2005 he graduated in Music disciplines (level II) - Jazz Music - at the Conservatory "Antonio Buzzolla" of Adria RO.

In 2007/2008 he teaches at the Conservatory of Music "D. Cimarosa" of Avellino.

He collaborated, both on stage and in the studio with many musicians, including: Peter Tonolo, Stefano Battaglia, Yotam Silberstein, Massimo Chiarella, Stjepko Gut, Mauro Beggs, Neil Leonard, Marcello Tonolo, John Stowell, Luca Colussi, Fabio Morgera, Claudio Borrelli, Adrian Iaies, Maurizio Camardi, Paul Birro, Michele Polga, Daniele Sepe, Moni Ovadia, Pietro Condorelli, Sunny Wilkinson, Ellen Rowe, Alfonso Santimone, Enzo Carpentieri, Alberto Negroni, Tim Smethurst.

Participated in numerous television programs alongside various artists: Silvia Mezzanotte (former singer of Matia Bazar), Cheryl Porter, Alter Ego, Povia, Nada, Pago, Spain, Denis, Masini, Simone, Riccardo Sheets.

Uses LAFARO - DYN B - A DYN now discontinued and replaced by DYN-B-P48 - DYN-UNI - Garbo Light Set