Nino Frasio

Musically born in 1964 under the guidance of Enea Vallesi, a highly-in-demand orchestra guitarist and banjoist, Nino Frasio has actively participated to the wave of the Beat Music of the 60's and then has choosen to devote himself exclusively to the Classic Jazz.
Equally at home with guitar, plectrum and tenor banjos, he has also a passionate love for the sousaphone.
His guitar style was inspired by two great guitarists of the Swing Era, Allan Reuss and Carmen Manstren (AKA Carmine Mastandrea), but his fingers respond more easily to the fascination of the myth of Eddie Lang (AKA Salvatore Massaro).
His banjos sound instead like a mix of the styles Eddie Peabody and Dick Roberts.
For the tuba he could only imitate the great Cyrus St. Clair and Wilbert Tillman.
He is a member in several Italian Classic Jazz outfits as the Savannah Serenaders, the Olympia Ragtime Band, the Twenties' Tunes Traditional Band and the Pegasus Brass Band, in addition to many performances as a freelance when stylistic rigor and real swing are required in the rhythm section.
Among the many foreign musicians dedicated to the Classic Jazz with which he has been lucky enough to play during his career there are Bill Carter (USA), Herbert Christ (D), Bernard Flegar (D), Teddy Fullick (GB), Jim Gunton (GB), Kenny e Finlay Milne (GB), Emile Martyn (GB), Rudy Balliu (B), Philippe Desmet (B), John Service (GB), Rowan Smith (AU), Stephan Uhr (D), Geoff Bull (AU) and the Criterion Brass Band (GB).
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