Tom Stuip

It all started several years ago, in the port of Rotterdam, when the grandfather of Tom was in charge of the department unloading of ships. It was during American Prohibition period who he met a sailor from the States interested to change his tenor banjo for a bottle of liquor.

Many years later, Tom has found that banjo in the closet, he was 11 and after blowing away the dust began to study by himself. After some time he begins to use the pick and the 5-string banjo, which later became his instrument and his main technique.

After trying with some "normal" jobs he decided to turn his hobby into a profession and that was how he began his career, playing in various bands (ragtime, blues, country, calypso) and also jazz combo.

Except Antarctica Tom has performed on every continent, alone or in band and he attends the major international festivals dedicated to the banjo.

Also loves teaching but to which succeeds (for now) to dedicate very little time.

Uses Resocoil Banjo